Dear Prospective Client:

An open letter from Theresa Arndt, CPA...

Theresa Arndt, CPA

Theresa Arndt

CPA, Partner

Allow me to introduce myself and our firm. Most of our clients are small businesses or high AGI indivduals with investments that need a CPA partner to guide them through the complicated banking, tax and payroll laws. They are interested in solutions that are affordable and high quality, in many cases like the services their own businesses provide.

Our tax services include Individual, Corporate, Partnership and the full range of Estate Taxation. I supervise all work personally and we love what we do. I can truly say that we get a rush from saving our clients money and making sure their business is sound and on track to meet their personal goals.

Our clients are busy people and count on us to understand tax law, keep them out of trouble with the IRS and maximize their profits. We feel that the more we understand about tax law, the less they pay in tax.

  • Do you have a readily available CPA that you can visit with to get answers on tax laws?
  • Does your CPA listen to you before explaining the possible solutions?
  • Does your CPA help you plan for the future?

We will!

Every one of our clients has unique needs and we enjoy the process of first understanding those needs and then solving them. This might include giving advice, suggesting changes in software, timing purchasing decisions and many more possibilities. Whatever it takes, we are here to make sure you succeed.


Theresa Arndt, CPA
Partner, Arndt Company

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We couldn't have said it better ourselves

It really doesnt matter much what we say about ourselves...only what our clients say about us. Our thanks to the clients below for their kind words...

Meet the Team

Our staff is second to none! Put the Arndt Company team to work for you!


Theresa Arndt, CPA


Theresa started ACO to combine the skills of big accounting backgrounds with personalized service.

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Caroline Cavanaugh, CPA

Accounting Services Manager

Caroline's audit background and drive for excellence make her unstoppable. She leads the charge on monthly accounting.

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Lauren Lawson

Senior Accountant

Lauren's Controller background and public accounting experience make her the total package!

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Maria Martin, CPA

Senior Accountant

Maria's experience in public and private accounting ensures that your business runs smoothly. She has seen it all!

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Julie Tulla, CPA

Senior Tax Accountant

Julie is a taxation expert, no tax problem is too complicated for her to tackle.

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Jessica Butlar

Firm Administrator

Jessica is the the one who keeps ACO humming...while we do the same for you!

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