Guess our number one inquiry...

That's right...Where's my refund?!

Arndt Company Videos

From time to time we will feature a video here that is on a hot topic our clients are asking about. These may be from other sources but will typically be from either us or the IRS.

How to Complete Your 1040 Web Tax Organizer. Here is a very quick video Theresa put together to help our clients wrap their heads around web tax organizers. We are so proud of our client portal! It makes sure that we give our clients everything they need for convenient secure exchange of information with us.

Have you seen our killer apps?

They make getting secure access to all your documents a breeze!

IRS Videos

Here are a few videos from the IRS that we thought might be helpful to our clients.

Enjoy this video on identity theft produced by the IRS. Hopefully you are watching it out of morbid curiousity and not because it has happened to you! Tax fraud is one of the fastest growing ways to scam hard working people out of what is rightfully theirs. See how to protect yourself in this short video.