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Arndt Company Videos

What's even more fun than reading about Accounting and Taxes? You guessed it...watching videos about Accounting and Taxes!

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then how much is a video worth? Well, we did the math and at 24 frames a second it's worth about 1.4 million a minute, so we got right on that!

From time to time we will feature a video here that is on a hot topic our clients are asking about. These may be from other sources but will typically be from either us or the IRS.

We will do our best not to put any cat videos here, but no promises!

Have you seen our killer apps?

They make getting secure access to all your documents a breeze!

IRS Videos

Here are a few videos from the IRS that we thought might be helpful to our clients.

Why not enjoy these videos...your taxes paid for them! The IRS makes some great content for individual and business taxpayers and covers some topics you may have wondered about yourself.

While they may not have our dazzling personalities, they have substance...and we can respect that.

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